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Pain Management

The pain management clinics focus on the health care facilities that deal with the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. It is divided into two types, one of them focuses on procedures to deal with specific types of pain, like neck or back pain. The other type is sometimes called an interdisciplinary clinic which takes an approach that looks after the whole person and his/her pain disorders.

The pain management clinic includes a team of nurses and doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational and vocational therapists, nutritionists, and dietitians. In addition to medications, these clinics can help you manage pain with physical, behavioral, and psychological therapies.

It is to be noted that chronic pain is not just a symptom, it’s a syndrome. The concept of a pain management clinic is based on the conviction to effectively manage different and difficult pain conditions through well-coordinated efforts of a specialist possessing knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat pain.

Why should chronic pain be treated?

Chronic pain if not treated on time can lead to depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, decreased productivity, unemployment, compromised social roles, isolation, financial burden, dependence, prolonged analgesics usage, decreased self-esteem with behavioral changes that adversely affect the quality of life.

Pain management is a branch of medicine employing an interdisciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with chronic pain. Pain is one of the most common reasons for patients to seek medical attention and one of the most prevalent medical complaints in today’s world. Pain medicine deals with the management of difficult chronic and painful diseases like cancer. A majority of complex chronic painful states, unresponsive to conventional treatment are being successfully treated at pain clinics.

With the Pain Management Clinics all over the world by having different approaches to different types of pain most of the interventional procedures are done on a daycare basis and without anesthesia. They provide immediate pain relief treatment and are devoid of the side effects of medicines. These procedures are suitable for terminally ill, debilitated, and surgically unfit patients. Hence pain management clinics are an integral part of all major health care institutions worldwide.

However, people are not aware of interventional pain management techniques, which can be helpful for many patients suffering from long-standing intractable chronic pain. Pain management also forms an integral part of palliative care. Good individualized pain management can improve their quality of life.

Pain relief during labor (Labor/Epidural Analgesia)

Research says that the pain during childbirth is the most severe pain ever experienced by a human. While some women have a level of pain that they can tolerate, others have extremely hard times during delivery. These women may benefit from some form of pain relief treatments provided by experts. One of the most popular and safe relief options is the epidural injection. An epidural is an injection given in the lower back of a woman. It is the most effective way to relieve labor pains that are otherwise carried to the brain via the nerves in the spinal cord. An epidural injection of local anesthetic blocks this message of pain and the women go through painless labor also allowing the sensation of pushing that is required during labor. Epidural has a highly rated worldwide safety record. As with any procedure, however, some patients may experience some minor side effects like shivering, decreased blood pressure, mild itching in labor, headache and persistent pain in some areas, most of the pain is relieved by an epidural. It is to be noted that the chance of a normal delivery before or after the procedure is the same. There is sufficient room to prove that an epidural will not lead to an increased rate of a c-section. Apart from this, it is the technique of choice and is highly recommended for mothers with hypertension/heart disease/lung disease problems. Good pain relief will not only reduce the stress on the heart but will also improve the oxygenation of both mother and baby, thus reducing stress on the heart and lungs. Epidural is also a drug that doesn’t affect the health of the newborn even slightly.

At Bhatwal Surgical and Maternity Hospital, we aim to find ways to eliminate the pain of our patients in every possible area and raise their quality of life. Treatment at our pain management clinic gives our patients the strength to manage the chronic pain on their own and make them more able and efficient to function in all the dimensions of their lives.

Dr. Amit Patil (MD Anaesthesia) is our pain management certified expert, available for consultation with prior appointment.

“There is no other circumstance where it is considered acceptable for a person to experience severe pain, amenable to safe intervention, while under a physician’s care”.